Friends and Supporters of The Shelby County Park District

Friends of The Shelby County Park District

Are you interested in any aspect of nature? Would you like to know more about parks or nature? Do you have knowledge that you would like to share with other interested people? Would you like to help preserve and conserve nature right here in Shelby County? Consider being a part of the Friends of the Shelby County Park District.

Friends of the Shelby County Park District, (FSCPD), is a volunteer organization formed to support the Shelby County Park District. It is a 501C3 nonprofit organization legally chartered by the State of Ohio and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization. Donations to the organization are tax-deductible. The over 200 members serve in many volunteer positions and include individuals, families, and businesses.

FSCPD has three main objectives: education, preservation and conservation. Members want to educate the public (and themselves) about the natural areas that make up the Shelby County Park District: The Lockington Reserve, Renner Sanctuary, Bornhorst Woods, Hardin Park, and the Miami Erie Canal Trail. Members also present opportunities to learn about and experience the varied and fascinating natural world in which we live.

Preservation is another objective of the FSCPD. One of the reasons for the formation of the Shelby County Park District was the preservation of unique natural areas in the county. FSCPD is dedicated to supporting and assisting the Park District in this endeavor.

Conservation is the third objective of FSCPD. By assisting the Park District to maintain and keep safe the various parks and their inhabitants, the FSCPD hopes to inspire other individuals and groups to become involved in conservation projects.

Finally, FSCPD supports activities such as bird walks, nature walks, astronomy nights, an Annual Barbeque in the Park, and many others. These events are great ways to have fun and meet new friends!

Youth Groups and Organizations

Many organizations support the Shelby County Park District with both financial and human resources. The Park District relies on this support to accomplish a variety of projects.

Boy Scouts from Shelby and Miami County perform a variety of service projects within the parks. These projects have included litter pick ups and trail maintenance. Eagle Scouts have also contributed in many ways including developing new trails, building bulletin boards, observation blinds and picnic tables, and upgrading existing trails.

4-H clubs, Girl Scout troops, and church groups also help out periodically with projects such as clearing trails, litter patrol, planting trees or maintaining flower beds.

In return for their service, these organizations are offered the opportunity to camp for free at the Lockington Reserve.

Area Businesses

Local businesses donate used office equipment and maintenance equipment for Park District use. Many businesses also support the fundraising activities of the Park District.